Building & Land Surveys

Measured and topographical surveys are essential tools utilised by many professionals across all architectural services. Measured surveys are needed by Architects and Engineers who are converting premises, and during the interior design process to alter layouts. Topographical surveys capture all features of a given site with levels, and provide critical information for professionals looking to develop sites with buildings or renewables. Whatever the purpose of the survey, accuracy is the critical factor.

Our team members have been providing measured surveys, topographical surveys (using specialist data processing software), and plan layouts throughout the United Kingdom for many years. Surveys have predominantly been within the residential, commercial, and renewables sectors, working with a wide range of clients, from individual landowners, homeowners and Architects, to global brands. We meet exacting standards, and always deliver a quality professional service.

Whether you need house floor plans, a full measured survey or topographical survey, no specification of survey is too small or large. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.